Online Meeting Format

I’m an addict named ____________.  I’d like to welcome everyone to the ___________  Zoom meeting of Narcotics Anonymous.  Help us open this meeting with a moment of silence for the addict still suffering followed by the serenity prayer.

Zoom provides users with the ability to “raise your hand” and we will use this feature for sharing as well as recognizing clean time.  To raise your hand simply go to “Participants”, find your name, and click “Raise Hand”.  You can also “lower your hand” this way.  Please keep your hands raised to remain in the queue.  Please lower your hand to be removed from the queue.

Please note that your microphone should remain muted for the entirety of the meeting unless you are sharing to eliminate background noise. Please avoid unmuting your microphone to recognize members at the start and end of their share.  Instead we suggest you acknowledge members using ‘jazz hands’ or via the chat feature.

I will be managing the queue and keeping participants muted.

I have asked someone to read:


July 04, 2020


Page 194

"We learn that conflicts are a part of reality, and we learn new ways to resolve them instead of running from them."

Basic Text, p. 90

From time to time, we all experience conflicts. It may be that we just can't get along with that new co-worker. Maybe our friends are driving us crazy. Or perhaps our partner isn't living up to our expectations. Dealing with any conflict is difficult for recovering addicts.

When tempers rise, it is often a good idea to back away from the situation until cooler minds prevail. We can always return to further discussion when we have calmed down. We can't avoid troubling situations, but we can use time and distance to find perspective.

Conflict is a part of life. We can't go through our entire recovery without encountering disagreements and differences of opinion. Sometimes we can back away from these situations, taking time to reflect on them, but there always comes a time when conflict must be resolved. When that time comes, we take a deep breath, say a prayer, and apply the principles our program has given us: honesty, openness, responsibility, forgiveness, trust, and all the rest. We didn't get clean to keep running from life - and in recovery, we don't have to run anymore.

Just for Today: The principles my program has given me are sufficient to guide me through any situation. I will strive to confront conflict in a healthy way.

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The topic for tonights meeting will be __________.  The meeting is now open for sharing.

[Meeting Proceeds.  Then after meeting time has been reached]

We do not have key tags at this time, but if you would like to raise your hand we will take a moment and recognize your clean time.

Thank you for attending.  We will close with the serentiy prayer.  After the prayer the meeting will remain open for another thirty minutes.